Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One of the Greatest Preachers of Our Time.

If ever there was a present-day preacher that I would hope to model myself after, it would have to be Paul Washer of Heart Cry Missionary Society. Some have the gift of evangelism and some have the gift of pastoring. Paul Washer has the gift of preaching. I used to wonder what the difference between pastoring and preaching was. I now understand. Paul Washer is a pastor but he most shines in his preaching. 

Many people will have a hard time with brother Paul, but if they examine what he preaches in light of scripture, they will have a hard time refuting the truth of the word he speaks. Not because he says it (he fully understands his sin), but because the scripture first declared it. This message has set me ablaze in a new way. I hope that this fire never goes out. Please listen and enjoy. The sermon is called Ten Indictments. They go as follows

1) A practical denial of the sufficiency of Scripture

2) An ignorance of the character and attributes of God

3) A failure to address man's malady

4) An ignorance of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of regeneration

5) An unbiblical gospel presentation and invitation

6) An ignorance regarding the nature of the Church

7) A lack of loving and compassionate church discipline

8) A silence on separation (holiness)

9) Psychology and sociology have replaced the Scriptures in regards to the family

10) A departure from the faith and a devotion to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons (1 Timothy 4:1-16)