Monday, June 30, 2008

Every Woman's Gospel

Today I had the awesome opportunity to witness to a friend of mine. In order to protect the innocent I will not reveal her name. Let's just call her Anna. I was in the middle of a conversation with a new found brother in Christ. We were discussing the Todd Bentley revival going on in Florida and just how absurd his ministry was. (If you don't believe me, see for your self - *Caution* this video shows some very violent footage which can be very disturbing).

The conversation seemed to pique Anna's interest as she had been discouraged from attending church. Perhaps it was the content of our conversation or possibly hearing two Christians attempt to discern the content of another man's representation of Christ and His Church. I noticed that her eyes were drawn to our conversation, so I began to include her in the conversation. I talked about how evolution has no scientific backing and the easiest way to defeat the argument is to ask for evidence that would prove evolution. At this she chimed in. (for the sake of length I have condensed this conversation to the main points).

Anna: "Well, I know why I believe in evolution. Have you ever heard of Darwin's Finches? There beaks. . ."

I cut her off immediately because I knew where she was going. "I'm going to cut you off right there for the sake of time." (We had to part ways in a half hour and I wanted to have enough time.) "Did the finches ever become anything other than finches?"

Anna: "No."

Me: "Were the finches anything other than finches before Darwin studied them?

Anna: "I don't know."

I told her that Richard Hawkins, the worlds most renowned evolutionist, said that if anyone claims to know something, ask for the evidence. So I asked for her evidence and she had nothing. Then she mentioned Lucy the Ape. I told her how science had disproved the reliability of the fossil in the 1980s. She wasn't sure. We discussed a few more issues about how there was no evidence for evolution. Every time I gave reason against her arguments, she shifted topics -maybe she realized there simply wasn't any evidence to support her views? I pleaded with her to remain open to the evidence and simply let her mind take her were the evidence led. At that I told her that I wanted to shift the conversation a little.

"Let's assume that we have a very basic knowledge of science, history and religion and let's just examine the evidence from a logical, unbiased approach." Anna conceded and we continued.

"There are a few basic things we can learn by simply looking around at our world." I pointed to the table in front of us. "How do you know that someone/something made this table? Well the fact that the table is here is 100% proof positive that someone/thing created it." I did the same with the newspaper article in front of us. She agreed, even though she had never seen the creator or the blueprints for the creation. The next logical step is then that if we are standing here then someone/thing had to create us. Science would demand it. She conceded. I then explained that since we humans can communicate and enjoy doing it that whoever/whatever created us was interested in communication as well. We also live in an extremely complex environment and are complex ourselves, therefore our creator must be extremely intelligent to create such a complex existence. Then I explained that every people group in the world has a justice system and know right from wrong. She conceded to all three points.

My argument then became personal as I asked her how she would fare if this high being was to hold her accountable for the right and wrong in her life. (all religion aside.)

"How many lies have you told?"

"Too many to count." She agreed that that would make her a liar.

"Have you ever stolen anything like downloading illegal music?"

"Yes." She agreed that that would make her a thief."

"Have you ever taken the Lord's name in vain?"

"Yes, many times." She agreed that she was a blasphemer.

I asked her if she would be innocent or guilty if the creator judged her. She said she would be guilty not only for that, but for many more. I asked her if she deserved punishment or reward for her wrong-doing. She stated she deserved punishment.

We unfortunately had to wrap up the conversation as we were running out of time, but I could see the conviction in her eyes as tears began to form after expounding upon the Law of the Lord. I then expressed the legal transaction that took place when Jesus took our place in punishment, taking the wrath that we deserved upon himself. And that the Judge (God) could commute her death sentence and she could go free if she was willing to turn from her sin and trust the Savior.

We both had to go, but she was thankful for the conversation and was looking forward to discussing the topic more tomorrow. Please pray that God would convict her of sin and cause her to flee from it and trust Jesus Christ.